Yosemite Walls

By no means is the following a complete list of quality Yosemite walls; it is merely a selection of well-known walls broken down by category. Of course, fine big-wall adventures can be had off the beaten path--discover them for yourself. The hard routes listed here really are hard; attempting these without the proper experience is not only dangerous, but invariably means that bolts will be added. Moderate routes require a fair amount of experience, and the all-clean and trade routes merely require tenacity and good judgement.

Getting started--short practice aid routes:

  1. Direct South Face, Rixon's Pinnacle
  2. The Stigma
  3. Bishop's Terrace (roof)
  4. The Folly, Left Side

All Clean, or nearly all clean routes:

Current Trade Routes:

Moderate Nailing Routes:

Hard Nailing Routes: