The Original:  D4 Full Size Portaledge

The D4 Full-Size Portaledge sets new standards in  stormproof, compact, light, and easy-to-deploy 

portaledges systems.

In 2017,  John Middendorf  produced the first expedition D4 portaledge for Marek Raganowicz, who then used it for an extreme expedition in Baffin Island where he lived in it for 30 nights on two new big wall routes. Next, in partnership with Barry Ward, a successful Kickstarter for the first 40 production D4 portaledge sold out in a couple days.  Since then, the D4 has gotten incredible acclaim, proven with over 1000 nights on the vertical, and widely acknowledged as one of the biggest innovations in big wall gear since the first A5 stormproof portaledge.

The full-size (82" x 47.5") open-source D4 Design portaledge is  produced by Durango Sewing Solutions, in Durango Colorado, web:  

Note: Barry's business is his own; we share ideas, materials and often help each other out, but he is a separate "D4 Design" portaledge maker.

First Review by John Verb (2017):

Kickstarter Video:

First product  test on Ozymandias big wall  by the designer, John Middendorf with Simon Mentz:

 ABC Radio Interview about the original D4 Kickstarter:

Setup info on the early models (pre-D4 Bullet Joiners): D4 Portaledge Setup Video (with Malcolm Matheson)