D4 Octapod

•Size: 60" x 48"  

•Weight: 5kg. with fly

•Packs to 24" x 7"

•Custom made in Australia.

Email: john@bigwalls.net

"Sets up anywhere, for aerial artists of all kinds, certainly the fastest to setup, lightest, most compact, and stable portaledge ever designed"


The  Octapod is a climbing Ninja's ledge.  It sets up in a minute, and packs into a daypack.  Very light.  Don't expect luxurious bedding accomodations for this single-point suspended, super quick deploy, daypackable, sub-5 kg two-person four-season hanging tent--it is designed for big cliff climbers to be able to do two things:

•Rest adequately for a full day of fitness ahead.

•Provide full shelter from severe storms.

 The new shorter "wheelbase" (the wall side which rests against the tree or wall) makes for a very stable platform.  And there are a number of new design features and details which make the ledge even easier to deploy, even in stormy windy conditions.  Having a smaller, lighter, more compact portaledge opens up a lot of opportunities where comfort and security are vital to maximising Type 1 and 2 fun, and minimising Type 3 fun.  It also makes for a great belay couch on your favourite crag.  Or set it up  for kids on camp trips as an instant tree swing, hours of fun and a great basecamp.  It's been used by intrepid climbers climbing the Nose for the first time, where the compact design provided confidence to survive any weather, as well as an extension camp to the crowded Camp IV, V, and VI on that route (personally, my favourite bivy on the Nose is at the end of the Great Roof, below Pancake Flake, one of the coolest and most exposed spots on the Captain). 

Mostly, we've developed this product for a bold new breed of adventurers, who are spending hours and days on the vertical in ever more remote places, as it enables maximum manoeuvrability as it is so quick to deploy and pack away.  Routes not yet "visible" based on technological limitations are now coming to light.    This product is designed for the minimalist.  It sacrifices nothing essential, and opens new vistas.  Thank you for your interest.