Original BigWallsForum (1995-2008)   


Newer BigWallsForum (2018-2020)--mostly portaledge design info:                     


(companion site to Portaledge DIY Homebuild)

NOTE: These are not live forums.  They were once, but there was such sporadic interest that I have archived them, as there is info about questions that get asked often.  Feel free to browse, but be aware that all PHP functions, like the "search" etc. do not work.

ORIGINAL BIG WALLS FORUM SEARCH (1995-2008) bigwalls.net and the accompanied BigWalls Forum were the main sources for big wall information on the internet BITD.  You can still search the archives from the old Big Walls Forum and the original Bigwalls.net here:

Try: "portaledge", "hammer contest", "mhudon" (for Mark Hudon's great tips of the day) for some interesting information and stories.

(Scroll down past ads.  There's also the Facebook Big Walls Forum that Munge and I set up. )